Induced Lactation/ Relactation

This Service is intended  for non-birthing parents interested in inducing lactation or relactation, or nursing without making milk. For example...

an adoptive parent or parent-to-be
an intended parent through surrogacy
a non-birthing parent or parent-to-be partnered with a birthing parent
​​a foster parent
​​a birthing parent who is not currently breastfeeding.

$75 single inducing lactation consultations 45-60 minutes

$225 Package consists of 3 45-60 minute consultations (recommended)

For additional information or resources on Breastfeeding without birthing please click the link below.

Breastfeeding without Birthing

Jenifer has taken intensive Breastfeeding without birthing training and will work with you to create a customized plan for breastfeeding to meet your individual values and cirmumstances.